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Decades of core experience have made us experts in the Investment Banking field

Our team of professionals provides the right strategies and the best solutions to your various needs.

Service Offerings

  • M&A Advisory

    Coeus Advisors guide clients on the full range of M&A activities e.g. buy-side & sell-side advisory, takeover strategies, JVs & corporate alliances, spin-offs, acquisition financing and others. Our M&A team formulates and executes innovative and tailor-made solutions as per our clients' needs. We ensure that our clients are well informed and make the right decisions throughout the M&A process - from identifying the opportunity/its due diligence to the closure of the transaction.

    We prioritize partnership, integrity and excellence. Our established relationships with reputed banks, fund houses and financial institutions across the globe have enabled us to manage cross-border transactions seamlessly. Coupled with our in-depth industry knowledge and experience, we possess exceptional expertise in managing M&A deals. Our team of experienced professionals has an unparalleled track record of providing exceptional results for our clients.

  • Pre-Bid Advisory

    Our Pre-Bid Advisory team of professionals helps the clients throughout the process of bid submission. We prioritize the needs and expectations of our clients by drawing upon our expertise and connecting with the people in the field to get the market pulse and deliver unique and adaptable solutions. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of bidding documents to develop a risk framework based on detailed analysis.

    Additionally, the team provides assistance with any pre-bid queries and clarifications, preparing investment models and bid strategies and supporting the finalization of the bid.

  • Fund Raising

    We provide Fund Raising services to our clients tailored to their desired financing requirements. Our team excels in variety of fund-raising activities, be it debt, structured financing, strategic equity or any other financing. Our experienced team provides valuable insights and solutions to clients in the preparation of financial models, business plans, and other documents to raise funds from different sources.

    Our team has successfully raised billions of funds in the past. Our association and relationship with major banks, financial institutions and fund houses enable us to suitably structure the transaction and conclude it successfully. We also help clients in documentation and fund disbursement processes.

  • Private Equity

    We provide unparalleled support during the entire cycle of deal-making. Our team advises and strategies, sourcing, due diligence- creating value for all stakeholders.

    Showcasing the deal and Interacting with various Investors and fund Houses. Term Sheet negotiation and finalization.

    We strive to build better business for our clients with growth potential through our expertise.

  • Structured Finance

    At Coeus, we understand the unique challenges businesses face when it comes to managing project finances. That's why we specialize in providing solutions that are designed to enhance liquidity at a lower financing cost, helping you invest in growth opportunities to take your business to new heights.

    Our other specialties in structured finance include analyzing your risk exposure and developing customized solutions that mitigate risks and protects business, boost your credit collection and operational efficiencies, structuring and monetizing your receivables, and unlocking the value of your assets and converting them into much-needed liquidity.

    Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals through innovative and tailored solutions. Whether you need to optimize your working capital, manage risk or unlock hidden value in your assets, we have the expertise to deliver results.

  • Distressed Asset Resolution

    Through years of experience in the field of investment banking and resolution of distressed assets, we have developed excellent skills to identify distressed assets/ companies within a group and work on their resolution. Our team hand holds the clients during the entire resolution process till the deal closure. We specialize in providing critical and unbiased advice to clients on complex balance sheet issues and transformational situations.

    Our team is equipped to assist in identifying potential investors, creating financial models, and finalizing the deal. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services and delivering results that exceed the expectations of our clients. Coeus Advisors is distinguished by its track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions that establish consensus among diverse stakeholders, maximize value and minimize execution risk.